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Thermal Deaerator

Thermal Deaerator is a mechanical contractor that can work to remove solute gases, especially oxygen contained in boiler feed water, after going through water purification process (other water treatment). In addition, the deaerator serves as an initial heater of kettle feeding water before it is channeled into the boiler. This deaerator works based on the nature of oxygen whose water solubility is reduced by the rise in temperature.

The deaerator consists of two drums where the smaller drum is a preliminary heating site that functions to remove the gases from the boiler water while the larger drum is the kettle water container that falls in the smaller drum above it. That's why the required temperature control system so that the balance is maintained.

Temperature control and water pressure in mechanical contracting tools can be done conventionally and automatically. Conventionally there are several elements that have an effect that must be controlled together ie water flow (feed water) and control valve. While the automatic can be done by using PLC.

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