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Specification of Demineralization Plant

Demineralization Plant

Demineralization is a process of removing mineral content from feed water. The feed water contains positive mineral ions (Ca2 + and Mg2 +) and negative mineral ions (Cl-, SO42-, CO32-, SiO2-). For industrial process machines, especially Boiler, incoming feed water is required to not contain minerals because it can cause scales and corrosion so that feed water is treated with Demineralization Plant / Water Treatment Plant (WTP) / Ion Exchange Plant / Other Water Treatment to remove unwanted minerals.

Selection of Industrial Machine Demineralization Plant Process Specifications based on:

- Available feed water sources
- Mineral content in bait water
- Water quality standards of the desired product
- Regenerant Availability (material for Regeneration)
- Fungki use of water products related to quality specifications
- Landfill waste Regeneration

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