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MYCOgold Fertilizer
MYCOgold Fertilizer
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Specification of MYCOgold Fertilizer

MYCOgold Fertilizer

MycoGold is very effective at increasing production in most farmers' crops. Mycorrhiza Mycogold organic fertilizer compound from active ingredients, this is what makes it a consistent input product every growing season. With market price pressures, we know farmers will reduce the cost of inputs they can in their fertilizer programs. MycoGold Key works as a bio fertilizer. Do not sacrifice the results and let MycoGold's efficiency do what it should.

How MYCOgold Mycorrhizal Works

Mycorrhizal is the only known fungal system, which is categorized as bio fertilizer. Its reach can extend far beyond a few meters from the depletion zone and thus can get nutrients from a much wider land area. It grows as a small wide filament network in the roots of plants and surrounding soil. Mushroom yarn, called mycelia, explores an area much larger than the roots of plants. When mycorrhizal finds limited resources, such as water, phosphorus or micronutrients, they can pass them on to their related plants. Mycorrhiza Mycogold Organic Fertilizer can also help with drought resistance and heat tolerance. This is partly due to hormone changes caused by mycorrhiza in plants, which allows them to maintain a better water balance under drought conditions. Mycorrhizal allows a 25% reduction of water on the crop line that makes it a great drought insurance.

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