RO Filter Systems
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Reverse osmosis filtration/filter systems as the technology was first developed in the United States. There R/O technology developed by NASA in order to meet the drinking water needs of the astronauts who are in outer space. A group of scientists from the NASA United States issued 40 million US dollars for 30 years researching this technology. (for instance: "to bring in 1 kg of water to the space it takes 700 pounds of power or expend sebanyAK 10,000 dollars US "). This technology was developed by the U.s. Navy to meet drinking water needs on a submarine. Further development of the R/O technology used for factories, hospitals and industry in the form of conventional, as well as Office and residential with smaller form or portable. Hyperfiltration or reverse osmosis is filtering to level-5 or the highest filtration technology at this time. The working principle of Reverse Osmosis (RO) S

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