Scrapper Conveyor
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Specification of

scraper Conveyor
Scraper Conveyor serves to push, move or distribute material from one place to another.

Scraper conveyor is able to carry and transfer the material with speeds up to 30 m / min. Scraper conveyor is driven by electric motors or engines via a link in the form of a chain drive.

The parts of the scraper conveyor is as follows:
a. Conveying Chain (chain conveyor)
Conveying Chain mounted on a scrapper that serves to push the material along the conveyor. Scrapper may include iron plate or pipe.
b. conveyor Casing
Conveying Casing is shelter material to be driven by a scrapper mounted on a chain conveyor. In the framework of conveyor casings in pairs groove for the chain conveyor. On the conveyor groove in pairs plate coating (wearing Strip) which can be changed to protect the flow of the friction roller chain coveyor.

The conveyor can be made as wide and long as needed

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